Faceted Jasper Bracelet

Faceted Jasper Bracelet


Earth Vibes Activated! Jasper cube bracelet with a sterling silver clasp. Unique colors, endless sparkle & perfect for stacking.


Embrace Your Earthly Side with the Jasper Cube Bracelet.

Discover the beauty of nature with the Jasper Cube Bracelet. This captivating piece features a strand of unique, faceted jasper cubes in rich, earthy tones. Each cube shimmers with a touch of individuality, reflecting the vast colors found in the natural world. Strung on a comfortable cord and secured with a stylish sterling silver rope toggle clasp, this bracelet offers a touch of bohemian flair that complements any outfit.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Genuine Jasper: Each bracelet features unique jasper cubes, making it a one-of-a-kind treasure. Jasper’s natural variations ensure no two bracelets are exactly alike.
Faceted Cut: The unique cut of the cubes adds sparkle and dimension to the bracelet, catching the light with every movement.
Sterling Silver Clasp: The secure and stylish rope toggle clasp in sterling silver adds a touch of elegance and effortless wear.

Finding the perfect bracelet size is easy! We offer a variety of sizes to fit most wrists.
Here’s a quick guide to help you determine your ideal size:

Small wrist: 16 – 17 cm
Medium wrist: 18 – 19 cm
Large wrist: 20 – 21 cm

Use a string or tape measure to find your wrist size in centimeters (cm) and refer to our size guide.

For the most accurate fit, tell us your wrist size in the checkout notes!


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